How My Mother Understood the Power of DISCIPLINE!

What do you think about self-discipline? What is it? Is it really important? Well, it is very easy to understand what self-discipline is and yes, it is very important if you want to achieve something in life. Self-discipline is the path of choosing long-term goals, working on them every single day, and sticking to the plans with 100% commitment. Self-discipline is the art of saying NO to distractions and other shiny objects that take us off our goals.

My mother shared an experience of how she learned about discipline in her life.

She said that, when she was in class 7th, her English teacher explained about self-discipline in the simplest way possible. Her teacher said that self-discipline makes us 100% fulfilled. At that time, she wasn’t able to understand what her teacher meant. The teacher further asked us to assign 1 to 26 numbers with A to Z and calculate the sum for the word DISCIPLINE. My mother thought that it could be some random number. But she realized that the answer was astonishing. The answer was 100. The teacher explained again, “No matter wherever you reach in your life, whatever you have achieved, how many times you failed, self-discipline is your secret weapon. Use it when you need it, and results will be in front of you.”

This story taught us how important self-discipline is and how it can be used to be successful. For a student, self-discipline is of utmost importance. Self-discipline leads to success not only in exams but also in life.

Setting high goals is great, but not reaching them can bring you down. Think of it like making wine. Being steady in your study habits is like taking care of the grapes, and being patient is like letting the wine get better with time.
As a student, if you keep at it and don’t rush, you’ll grow and learn a lot. Success isn’t just about getting top marks; it’s about improving bit by bit. Over time, your hard work will turn into something great, just like grapes turn into fine wine.

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