What’s Next? In 6 Simple Steps, choose a career that fits you!

‘aur beta, iske baad kya karna hai?’

This is a simple question that every student must have heard at least once in their lives, and dreaded the existence of that person the very next moment.

Yes, we got your back! We are all sailing in the same boat!

Be it after boards, graduation, or even if you complete your whole studies, this question will probably not leave your side.

So, “What’s next??” is either on your mind or people around you will eventually ask. How to choose the right career path is the most crucial aspect of any student’s life that completely fits their aspiration.

But is there a career that fits such criteria?

Let us rephrase it and ask you instead.

how to choose the right career path

What is that one career that fits you? 

While there is none, always remember that if you think you can make it, you can break it too. The whole process of identifying your passion and making the right career choice can be no different. We see several options to create a career in, and out of all, we stick to a few that we feel most influenced by. We think, we learn, we plan and we work on so many things and when it’s time to finally seek results, we see that like us there are thousands already struggling in the field who hold the same values while doing much better than us. What’s next? We feel overwhelmed and are scared to get rejected in choosing the right career path because we feel we don’t fit in. So, choosing the right career path is the utmost important aspect.

Yes, that’s how you or every other student fit in the rat race, leading them further in the loop of processing such self-deprecating thoughts, right at the beginning of your career.

So instead of fitting into the system,

Follow these 6 steps to how to choose a career that makes us stands out!

Step 1-Put your best efforts to choose the right career path

Choosing the right career is to know and accept that there is no guarantee that you will make it through or assume which career is perfect for you. As long as you are putting in the right amount of effort, the results will come through!

Step 2– Be confident to choose the right career path

Think about your dream career! Yes, being over-ambitious is far better than being under-confident or living in the fear of failing something. You may fail to convince your parents why you wish to pursue a certain field but if you are confident enough, they will understand your perspective too.

So, let your heart out for that one thing you dreamed for yourself as long as it’s not to be an astronaut because that’s indeed a rocket science!! But even that’s possible, so dream as this isn’t rocket science!

Step 3-Create a balance between hobbies and your right career path

The third step is to always stay in touch with your hobbies. Understandably, the academic pressure gets higher with every grade but one must not forget the things they do apart from studies. Be it painting, playing football, or helping mother with home chores. Do not let your career choice define who you are as a person. Even if you wish to be a doctor, be unconventional and have good handwriting!

While most of the above steps are meant to explore you and your interests, be a little practical with your career choices. 

Step 4-Do research when you choose the right career path

Just like you plan a trip, do thorough research and plan things accordingly, when it comes to choosing a career option. Make sure you check the following things before choosing your dream career:

1. Suitable education options in India or abroad, if considering.

2. Examine your financial security in pursuing the chosen career.

3. Check the job market through job profiles or additional skills it requires. 

Step 5– Communicate with like-minded people when you choose the right career path

It’s time to make the correct use of your wasted internet pack on scrolling social media. If you wish to follow a dream career, it’s important to be surrounded by like-minded people and avoid the noise around you. To do this, networking is essential in establishing a career so use social media to meet and interact with people from your desired field and thank me later! 

Step 6– Be visionary in choosing the right career path

The end game is to assemble everything and be a visionary! Create a plan on how to pursue your dream career, reassess your skill sets every once in a while and take charge of your journey. In the process, you will be learning a lot and will have to take constructive feedback from your parents, friends, and loved ones to make it worthwhile. It will help you hold yourself accountable as you work toward your dream career. 

And when in self-doubt, just enlist all your past achievements, strengths, and weakness on a piece of paper. Believe that you can be everything you want to be and the change will follow. That’s it! You are good to go! Chase your dream…career!!!

In the end, just remember that whatever you choose as a career option, it’s never the end. Let us remind you that during Dhoni’s captaincy, India played a total of 60 Test matches, winning 27 of them, losing 18 of them, and drawing 15 of them. 

Will it matter if we see Dhoni starts playing on the field again? 

So keep chasing dreams as you make a right career choice! 

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