My Story

Transforming potential into performance!

We all have our own set of struggles and setbacks that often take us off track from our goals. As a student, I was an avid sports enthusiast and good at academics but dealt with several challenges that gripped me in my life, later.

"There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than the commitment to a dream.” - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Ignited Minds

It was at the time when I scored poor in my JEE exam and didn't get admission to the college of my dreams. I was devastated by the results. It was also a time when I needed someone to guide me in the right direction as I felt BURNED OUT. My parent's expectations were high but my confidence to pursue those dreams took a back seat. The tag of 'failure' crept over me in the first three years of my as I juggled balancing studies and the growing competition around me.

But then came a day, when things changed!

I attended a workshop titled MINDSET RESET that changed my entire perspective on life. It was a one-week workshop that made me look at my failures from a new perspective.

I saw the 'failure' tag as an opportunity to learn. I began practising the principles discussed in the seminar for the next six months, tried to work on my limiting beliefs with a positive approach and repeated my affirmations religiously. Not only as a student but also as a person, I was moved by the changes I saw in myself. Later I became the first-ever student to secure the university's merit scholarship in 4th year of my graduation.

Another testimony of my excellence was my selection to MDI, one of my dream colleges wherein I pursued an MBA programme. While my JEE preparation was one filled with anxiety and fear, my MBA preparation was full of excitement and positive energy.

After graduating from MDI I grilled myself in corporate for a few years until I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey in 2000 with AIETS. Initially, we struggled a lot to gather stakeholders who can help us carve a business in the publishing industry. We would travel a lot to different cities and interact with several schools and coachings, regularly.

While it was exciting to work on this dream journey of building a business from scratch, my experience in the industry made me realise that there are thousands of students who deal with the anxiety, fear of failing and pressure that comes with competitive exams. I was always taken aback by their struggles and challenges that felt similar to what I faced as a student who once wanted to clear JEE but flunked it. I realised that every student holds the same journey.

They work hard and score well, but lose track midway and ultimately find it difficult to manage their preparation. I realised that all students are learning and growing at their own pace. They have the potential to achieve anything but their efforts aren't transformed into performance due to limiting thoughts of failing it.

I felt what they went through and was determined to help them.

Over the next 5 years, I immersed myself in the process to help students overcome such limiting thoughts. I interviewed hundreds of toppers preparing for different competitive exams.

I studied their behavioural changes and study pattern to understand what is it toppers do and other students don't. I interacted with their parents and teachers to find out their secret to success. All these experiences helped me in building the three success pillars of topper's success:

Winner Mindset

Right Habit

Consistent study techniques

Since then it has been my mission to share these secrets with every student in the country and help them recognise their hidden potential. With my books, webinars and courses, I aim to help millions of students transform their potential into performance. To help them find the right direction!