The Midnight Dilemma: Goa or Grades? Bonus: New Year Giveaway!✨

It was early June, Arjun sat at his desk, surrounded by mounds of engineering books and a cup of chai that had long since gone cold. The clock on the wall ticked past midnight, and his eyelids drooped, heavy from hours of studying.

Just then, his phone buzzed. It was a message from his old school friend, Priya. “Hey, let’s go on a road trip to Goa in November weekend! It’ll be fun!” The message read, accompanied by a string of excited emojis. Arjun, without a second thought, typed back, “Sure, I’m in!” The thought of the sandy beaches and the roaring waves excited him.

Days turned into weeks, and the weeks flew by. The road trip was forgotten amidst project deadlines and upcoming exams. It was only when Priya sent a reminder, a week before the trip, that Arjun realized what he had committed to. His final year project was due soon, and he hadn’t even started. Panic set in.

The next few days were a blur of anxiety and indecision. “Should I go? Can I afford to take this break right now? What about my project?” These questions haunted him day and night. His friends, noticing his stress, advised him to stay and focus on his studies. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the guilt of possibly letting Priya down.

Finally, the day before the trip, Arjun made a decision. He called Priya and explained his situation. To his surprise, she was understanding. “You should have told me earlier, Arjun. But it’s okay, studies come first. We’ll plan another trip some other time,” she said, her voice warm and reassuring.

That night, as Arjun sat down to work on his project, he realized the importance of thinking decisions through. The relief he felt was immense, but he also learned a valuable lesson about the consequences of hasty commitments.

Arjun’s Goa trip mix-up became a famous story among his friends. They often joked about it, reminding each other to think carefully before saying ‘yes’ to anything. It was a reminder to them all to think twice before jumping into decisions, no matter how tempting they may seem at the moment. And for Arjun, it was a lesson well learned, one that he would carry with him long after his college days were over.

Similar to Arjun, many times when a friend comes and says, “Let’s take a break and go out for a movie,” we instantly say yes, while on the way we think, “I should not have agreed, I already saw it some time back and I think I would have studied.” So, you might regret making an instant decision; hence, think twice before making any decision.

The lesson is: When things are in the future, we’re more likely to say yes. The allure of quick decisions may stem from the desire for immediate outcomes, but it often neglects the nuances and complexities of choices. When we opt for a more deliberate approach, we grant ourselves the opportunity to assess the available information, consider potential consequences, and weigh our values and priorities. To attain benefits and joy instantly or for a short time, we tend to say yes or make a quick decision without even thinking about its consequences. Sometimes, we might take this quick decision due to peer pressure or because someone known has already agreed.

As a student, your journey is marked by the thoughts you nurture and the actions you take. Remember, it’s vital to strategize, but don’t dwell too long on the ‘what-ifs.’ Dive into your studies, and make those thoughts tangible through persistent work.

Don’t set the bar for perfection so high that it paralyzes you. Focus on consistent effort, let diligence be your guide, and trust that the results will follow. Your commitment to doing, to learning, and growing, will pave your path to achievement.

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NEET 2023 AIR 1

Prabhanjan J

Prabhanjan J, a resident of Tamil Nadu, achieved an exceptional feat by scoring a perfect 720/720 in NEET 2023, the first from his state to do so. His success, rooted in a rigorous 15-hour daily study regimen was bolstered by the strong educational environment provided by his teacher and parents.

Prabhanjan’s strategy emphasized the critical role of NCERT books, equating them to religious scriptures for NEET aspirants. Despite the challenges, his unwavering dedication and comprehensive support from his family and teachers paved the way for his historic achievement. He advises future aspirants to focus on thorough preparation and regular mock tests, highlighting the importance of understanding the syllabus and pattern of the exam.

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