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In the heart of Mumbai, Shubh Patel lived in a world of dreams and plans. A college student with a gentle smile, Shubh was known more for his elaborate plans than his actions. His notebook was filled with diet charts and exercise routines, yet his life was a stark contrast to these meticulously drawn plans.

Shubh’s battle with his weight was an open secret. Friends often saw him lost in thought, debating whether to go for a run or indulge in the tempting street food that Mumbai is famous for. His internal debates were legendary, “Should I start my diet with a morning jog,
or maybe next Monday would be better?” But, alas, Monday never seemed to arrive.

One sweltering afternoon, as Shubh sat under the shade of a banyan tree in his college campus, he observed his classmates playing cricket. Their energy and agility struck a chord in him. It was a simple realization, but it hit him hard – life was passing him by while
he was just planning.

That evening, Shubh decided to make a change. He tore out the pages of elaborate plans from his notebook and wrote down five simple rules:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Avoid overexertion – keep it steady.
  • Eat healthy, and say no to junk food.
  • Don’t consume more calories than you burn.
  • Keep a daily log of food and exercise.
    These weren’t just rules; they were his new way of life. Shubh started small, with brisk walks in the neighborhood park, and gradually included jogging.
    Each day, he marked his progress in the notebook that once held unexecuted plans. The simplicity of his system astounded him; it required minimal thought yet yielded visible results. Shubh felt better, not just physically but mentally too. His confidence grew with each passing day.
    Months passed, and the changes in Shubh were evident to all. He wasn’t just slimmer; he was more vibrant and more engaged in life. His friends noticed the newfound spark in his eyes, the spring in his step.
    Shubh realized the most profound lesson wasn’t just about losing weight. It was understanding that in life, it’s not the things we do that we regret, but the things we don’t do. He shared this lesson with his friends, urging them to take that first step toward their goals, no matter how small.
    Shubh’s story became a testament to the power of action over planning. His journey from a dreamer to a doer inspired many in his circle, proving that the most significant step is always the first one, and the best time to take it is now.
    The most important thing is to take the first step, however small it may be. In simple words, just do it!

As you begin your journey, remember, that your path ‘FROM ZERO TO ONE’ won’t always be straightforward. Starting out, things won’t always go smoothly, and that’s normal. Sometimes, you might not do as well as you hoped, and that’s part of learning.

What matters is that you keep trying and putting in the work every day. Don’t worry too much about the perfect grades. Instead, pay attention to what you’re learning and how you’re improving. Success is about hanging in there, not just the marks you get. Be proud of every little step you take, because that’s progress.

UPSC 2022 AIR 1

Ishita Kishore, an economics graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, emerged as the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 topper. Her journey to success was not straightforward; she failed to clear the prelims in her first two attempts. However, her determination and resilience shone through in her third attempt, where she not only passed the prelims but also topped the examination.

Her disciplined study routine of 8-9 hours daily, along with her involvement in extracurricular activities, laid the foundation for her success. Before her success in UPSC, Ishita worked in risk advisory at Ernst & Young and was known as a versatile sportsperson. Ishita’s aim to empower women and uplift the neglected in her administrative career is a testament to her commitment to societal betterment.

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