What are Thoughts and How are they Related to Limiting Beliefs

What do you think are thoughts? Have you ever felt your thoughts or have you ever known what they are all about? Well, thoughts are the mental perceptions – our beliefs, and ideas about our life and the world surrounding us. Thoughts are not always purposeful or useful.

  • I will not be selected
  • Maths is difficult and I am bad at Maths
  • Nobody likes me in the class
  • I am not good-looking
  • My parents do not love me
  • I will not score good marks

Thoughts like the above make no sense. These are the negative thoughts that usually come into everyone’s mind at some point in time. What we have to focus on is to handle these thoughts, by not letting them affect us.

If sometimes we analyze our thoughts, we’ll discover that we’re conflicted as a species. Descartes, a French philosopher also reviewed his own beliefs/thoughts and found many contradictions. His most important idea was that we should question the source of our beliefs, not the belief itself. Because most of our beliefs are based on our or other people’s perceptions. We tend to get our ideas based on what others say. This is a human tendency.

Similarly, as a student, you might get thoughts of giving up or other negative thoughts, but you don’t have to let them affect you. For that, you can take frequent breaks or even meditate to keep yourself calm and focused. Before even solving a question you might get anxious feeling you might not be able to solve it, well it is okay. It happens with most of the students. But the thing is that you have to overcome it so that it doesn’t impact your performance.

Remember many times, when you question your beliefs, you will realize that your beliefs have no basis and that is the first step towards getting rid of your limiting beliefs.

Avinash Agarwal

Study Skill & Habit Coach, 


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