What is the Difference Between Average Students and Toppers?

Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aajaye toh zyada dukh hota hai! – Farhaan, 3 Idiots

We love how Rancho of 3 idiots gave such a refreshing outlook to the student’s life that mostly juggles between the TAGS of toppers and average students. His character served as the appropriate explanation to what is the difference between average students and toppers. 

But this blog isn’t about students like Rancho. Or what makes a student a scholar. 

Today I am elaborating on the group which forms the majority; those who study year-long, who are the most stressed during their exams and do everything to achieve the best but never really get the desired results. 

Yes, I am talking about every AVERAGE STUDENT you see around!  

Referencing back to 3 Idiots, do you think Farhan or Raju got disheartened for failing their exams? 

Their best buddy emerged as a TOPPER, while they just managed to pass. Do you think the outcome disappointed them?

YES… and no. 

Farhan and Raju were sure of the results they would be getting. 

They knew they didn’t give their best attempt, so finding their names at the bottom of the list of passed students wasn’t surprising. It was Rancho, who brought a lump in their throats by excelling in the exams.

Unlike Farhan and Raju, Rancho never seemed serious about the exams. He was always happy-go-lucky, casually hanging out with his friends. At the same time, Farhan and Raju were fearful from day one in college and dedicated more time to preparing. Yet, they failed while Rancho TOPPED!

In hindsight, Rancho, who never really bragged about being a “TOPPER”, was just passionate about learning and held discipline only to understand the concepts. 

Yes! That’s what toppers do. 

They are not extraordinary beings but just passionate students

As students, we often think that being a topper is TOO HARD. But it is pretty simple.

? A topper is a student who struggles like every other student you see.

? A topper is a student who attends every class every day.

? A topper is a student who keeps trying even when nothing is working.

? A topper is simply an AVERAGE STUDENT who enjoys the journey and does not give up.

There is no secret recipe for them on how to study well for exams. Or any elaborate study hacks and tips they would offer. 

What makes them high achievers is not a high IQ or the capacity to learn quickly, but their DISCIPLINE and their PASSION!

Read that again.

That’s the answer. And it’s surprisingly simple, too.

Topper is just another student who chooses DISCIPLINE over excuses. 

And who said Raju or Farhaan couldn’t top the exam? They did live the life they always wanted to and never made an excuse after realizing what their passion was. Discipline simply followed afterward.

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