Your Assumptions Could Be Misleading You – Let’s Find Out How!

Assumptions are a word that is used by almost every person at some point in their life. Assumptions are
beliefs or suppositions that are taken for granted or accepted as true without concrete evidence or proof.
Assumptions are often subjective and can vary from person to person. They are based on personal beliefs,
experiences, or expectations. But will you consider facts more believable or assumptions? Well, probably the
answer will be facts because they are based on truth and experience.

Look at facts and not the assumptions. And yet, we assume things all the time. When someone doesn’t
answer the email, we assume that they don’t care. When someone apologizes, we assume it’s not genuine.
When someone has a headache, he assumes that he is ill. I know it’s not practical because assumptions are
not facts. If you want to think straight, you discard all assumptions and only look at facts. William James
said it in one of his best lectures about pragmatism: “The pragmatist clings to facts and concreteness,
observes truth at its work in particular cases, and generalizes.”

Likewise, students tend to make assumptions about whether they know the following subject or this book will
be best to study to crack the exams, well this doesn’t work. Simultaneously, if a student works on research
and finds facts on which book is the best for studying so and so subjects, then it will be more beneficial than
just randomly assuming.

Never assume that this chapter is more important and this is lesser. Rather go for the facts and study the trend
analysis of the last few years.

Say No to assumptions and Yes to facts.
Never Assume. Remember Assume = Making an Ass of U and Me

Knowledge Bytes:-

As you push towards your goals, it’s crucial to recognize when the gears of your determination
need a moment to unwind. High expectations can often lead to stress, so focus on the process,
not just the final prize.

To the hardworking student, remember, that achieving perfect grades isn’t the only hallmark of
success. Permit yourself the space to relax and recharge. Don’t let the pursuit of academic
excellence overshadow your need for rest. A well-timed break is not a full stop; it’s a comma in
the story of your journey, allowing you to gather strength and continue with renewed vigor.


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Sunil Phogat (UPSC 2022 AIR 77)

Sunil Phogat’s journey to securing All India Rank 77 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022 is a tale of perseverance and focused preparation. Enrolled in the Quality Enrichment Program (QEP) under the guidance of MK Yadav, Sunil tackled the challenge of sourcing accurate data, facts, and figures, a common hurdle for UPSC aspirants.
This program, which provided structured templates on various topics such as Agriculture, Internal Security, and Good Governance, played a pivotal role in his success. Sunil’s dedication to improving his General Studies scores, which previously hovered around 340-350, saw a significant boost to 410 marks. His story is a testament to the value of targeted preparation and continuous improvement, serving as an inspiration to future aspirants

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